Simply put …

Thanks for sitting next to me!

Well, maybe I am not exactly talking to you. I guess that is a rude way to start a blog, but when I was trying to decide on what my passion might be in life, I thought of sharing my ideas in a public space. When I thought about sharing my ideas in a public space, I thought of WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO TALK ABOUT? I tried to think of things that matter to me. I tried to think of things that other people might like to read. I tried to think of how I could be the best blogger in the world. I tried to think of what the word “blogger” even meant. I tried to think about not being completely and utterly scared. I tried to just not think about it and do it … and I am not very good at just doing things … so I thought of my husband who is always my “human Xanax” and I decided to just do it! Yay! ( Okay, between you and me, I am literally sweating right now that I just started this whole thing, but that’s okay … I think.)

Why the longest domain name (I think that is what it is called anyway) in the entire world? It is something I say to my husband. With all of the crazy in my life (which is probably mostly fabricated in my sweet little, over-worked mind), I have to remember that all of the good … all of the amazing things that bring joy and sweetness, can be narrowed down to simple actions. A man sat down next to me at my cousin’s husband’s surprise birthday party. Simply put … he sat down next to me. And minus one little hiccup, as my husband likes to refer to as his “shotgun approach”, we have been together ever since. He is not the person who grounds me, he IS my ground. He is simply my favorite.

I have three main people that I talk to about everything. My husband, my sister, and one of my amazing coworkers. I have other friends who get snippets of things going on, but I don’t frequently share everything going on because we all have our own lives and … dang it Gail, keep it simple! Basically, I need a place to clear my head. To put things into perspective. To remind myself that even though I have, what I consider to be, a whole lot of crazy (my husband always says it is just the right amount) up in my head, everything can be broken down into simple acts.

In other words, if you want to feel normal … read my posts. If you want to not feel alone because you struggle with the endless stream of consciousness in your head and you want to share them but are slightly afraid … read my posts. If you just want to support me because you are a kind person …  well, I think you get the point.

I think I am supposed to start creating ideas for blog posts now, or something …


7 thoughts on “Simply put …

  1. Am I allowed to be sad and mostl jealous that I’m not “that” coworker. Miss you! And this blog is totally you! Great job blogger. 😘


    1. I thought of you, and how I wish we talked about everything all of the time still. Well, technically, we do talk about EVERYTHING when we see each other! 😁 But it isn’t quite the same as our pool days. I love you so much, friend!


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